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The Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies

Accreditation   Sending organisation, Co-ordinating organisation
Approval Date   25/03/2013
Validity Date   25/03/2016
Location   Târgovi?te (Romania)
Theme 1   Art and culture
Theme 2   Youth leisure
Inclusion   Economic difficulties, Educational difficulties, Geographical difficulties, Social difficulties

Motivation and EVS experience

On the other hand, ARSBN has a genuine interest in youth activities, confirmed by our involvement in organising a summer school named Nordic Lights in 2012, organising numerous exhibitions, conferences, seminars for the youth, sending our members to trainings in TIA context and applying for 1.2 Action Youth exchanges at 1th February 2013.
Then, we look forward with interest to operate not only as Sending Organization but also as Coordinating one, and to produce a SEV project for the next deadline, on 1th May 2013. We also intend to achieve accreditation, in nearly future, as Host Organisation, but first we need to accumulate experience in SEV activities.

Description of the organisation

The Romanian Association for the Nordic and Baltic Studies aims at advancing the research in the field of Nordic and Baltic studies, furthering the knowledge in public benefit with regard to this geographic area, including through education, especially higher education, and cooperation with institutions and associations with similar profile in the country and abroad, promoting dialogue and cooperation on the Baltic Sea – Black Sea axis.
The ARSBN has published in cooperation with its partners a number of volumes based on its research activities, it published the two annual issues of the Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies, it organized the first edition of the summer school of Baltic and Nordic Studies and the Third International Conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies. An important goal for us is to continue its dissemination activities about Baltic and Nordic countries in Romania, Moldova and the Black Sea area.
The Association’s members have different profiles, they are students, researchers, professors, ambassadors, and the target group we typically work with includes students and researchers. Our student members are now involved in a TIA project `Clashing cultures` which was sent by Poland, our partner country on 1st of February 2013. They are also involved in the organization of the second summer school and the fourth International Conference `Empire-building and Region-building in the Baltic, North and Black sea areas` in Constanta, Romania.

Contact Point

Organisation:  The Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies
Address:  35 Lt. Stancu Ion
Postal code:  130105
Town:  Târgovi?te
Country:  Romania
Phone:  +4 0724403094
Fax:  +4 0724403094
Contact:  Andreea Andreescu


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